01 James - The House That Built Me (by Miranda Lambert)
02 John Legend - Rolling in the deep (by Adele)
03 Joy Maccroy - Hyperballad (by Bjork)
04 Fiona Apple - Across The Universe (by Beatles)
05 Rebecca Loebe - Come As You Are (by Nirvana)
06 Johny Cash - Hurt (by Nine Inch Nail's)
07 Bjork - Gloomy Sunday
08 Michael & Justin - Hallelujah Cover 
09 Michele Simonal - (I Can′t Get No) Satisfaction (by Rolling Stones)
10 Pink Martini - Tempo Perdido (by Carmem Miranda)

05/18/2012 01:20

Thank you for the good share. The ideas were so brilliant. Never thought I would find some good ideas from here.


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